Arkanum Distillery

Pure quality: our 150 liter copper still makes this possible. Handmade takes on a whole new meaning here, because the traditional pot still method is used for distilling. Each bottle is filled, labeled and sealed by hand - the sealing and the labeling in particular make each bottle unique. Here you can see from which "batch" the gin comes and which "bottle" you own. Every bottle of ARKANUM Gin is unique - so cheers and let yourself be enchanted.

arkanum gin
(42,0 %) 500 ML

Arkanum - Dry Gin

The ARKANUM Gin is made with a selection of 100% natural botanicals. The main actors are juniper berries, hibiscus blossoms, damascene rose petals, elderflower, red grapes, rosehips and cedri-lemon. The remaining nine ingredients are balancing the Gin behind the stage.
arkanum black gin
(42,0 %) 500 ML

Arkanum - Black Gin

The ARKANUM Black Gin is based on an occult recipe of 100% natural botanicals. The main ingredients are juniper berries, rosemary, black currants, pistachios, chocolate pepper, oranges and cardamom. The remaining nine ingredients are the alchemist’s and give the Gin it’s character: full-bodied & balanced.